You can play agar io hack very easily. It’s working on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape and Seamonkey. Using this agar io cheat you will dominate the Game and hit #1 on Leaderboard within minutes.

agar io hack will allow you to zoom the page. You will easily grow up your speed when you are moving to slow.

The best future of this agar io hack. You can set opacity for your cell up to 10.

I give you instruction step by step……

ZOOM: Hold Z and press -/+ for zoom in or zoom out
SPEED: Hold S and press -/+ for slow and fast
DOUBLE SIZE: Hold Z and press -/+ to activate/deactivate this feature
INVISIBILITY: Hold I and press -/+ for opacity mode.

If you face any problem, You can tell me. I will try to solve your problem.

Posted on: August 21, 2015
Categories: Hacking

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